How To Make Friends In College

Hello fellow readers!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Since my last post?

My freshmen year in college is over (two semesters done and completed) so I thought I’d write something about the freshers who are about to join in the coming sem.

And what better way to kick start a nice long advice from their fellow seniors than suggesting them ways to make friends in college?

I’ll tell you a secret: I was an introvert.

So guys, fear not. I can totally relate with you!


Introvert brains are like:: Sarah’s Scribbles



I have always been a book worm, binge series/movies watching geek who’d rather stay at home and snug down to a nice quiet alone time instead of socializing. Being an introvert is fine. Everyone needs a certain amount of me-time in their lives but the need to go out actively, speak and socialize is very important too. (especially for college students.)

So here are a few things to keep in mind.

Look around for active situations and events.

If you are constantly asking questions like, “Where can I find active people?” then you are probably asking yourself the wrong questions.  Active enthusiastic people engage themselves in active fast paced situations. Look for events and you will find your people. There are plenty of clubs and events where you can get involved in and participate. In the process, you get to meet similar-minded people.

Try to engage yourself in positions of authority.

Yes. That’s right. Everybody admires and looks up to leaders. If you have natural born leadership qualities, then you should enroll yourself into leadership roles. For people who are timid and terrified of being in front, it’s time to crack that shell of negativity open. Have confidence in yourself and speak up more. Built your inner courage and move up in front. Participate, organize, engage. There is always a first time to everything. Fake confidence in difficult situations. After a few mistakes, careless endeavors and tight positions, you’ll come across victorious. The success to winning is never quitting.

Never be afraid to get involved with different kinds of people.

A good way to socialize is to talk to people about different things and get to know more about them. Don’t be selective. Don’t be judgmental. I have seen people say things like, “I’m sorry but looks and first impressions are everything. I befriend cool kids only.” These are the kids who land up alone. If you actually notice a cool kid, they do not stay put. They talk and energize with different kinds of people. They are free to all. If you think being an introvert and speaking less are for geniuses alone, then be happy with a non cluttered life with a few friends only who share your view point.(more snobs, actually) or maybe not even that. Small talk when you need to and have proper long conversations when required. Flexibility is everything when it comes to creating bonds.


Try to be the initiator in relationships instead of always depending on the other person and also, don’t always assume things about a relationship in its progressing stages.::Sarah’s Scribbles.


Expressions are everything.

Isn’t it? Express more. Your opinions, your thoughts, ideas, plans, goals, et cetera et cetera. Also, be open to people’s expressions as well. I had read somewhere (and it certainly holds true everywhere) that interesting people are those who are themselves interested. If you are not curious about others, you can’t expect people to be curious about you.

Experiment with your interactions.

Now, this is kind of interesting. Growing up as a kid, I found that not everybody had the same keen interest in the things I liked. People’s likes and dislikes differ but let that not pose as a hurdle to your interactions with people. Another thing, when people discover they have similar tastes or they can relate to the other person easily, they become friends easily too. There can be two things you can do:

1)Expand your knowledge base. Read more, experience situations more and discover more. Try to become an encyclopedia. (Okay, now that was a joke.) Be creative, be curious and be open to everything.

2)Excluding looks, personality and body language plays a vital role in relationships as well. Speak clearly and boldly. Be clever and intelligent in your speech. Sass around, add comedy or wisdom in your talks. Experimentation is the key to active relationships.  

Finally, be genuine in the relationships you form.

Talk and interact with everybody but keep certain close friends to yourself. Be loyal to them. They will be there for life. If not life, then at least for a few good memories.


These are a few points I tried to jot down. If you think I have left something out, feel free to drop in suggestions and points!

Chin up. Be bold. And happy making friends! 🙂








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