How To Date Two Guys at The Same Time

We have all dated in our lives and it’s fun experimenting new dating techniques with different people.  Handling a single person to take care of is a Herculean task, don’t you agree? But it’s blissful nonetheless.

However, there are people who would agree to have multiple dating partners.

What does it feel to have two dating partners? Even if you did, how would you manage to keep them unnoticed from each other?

If you seek such answers, you are in the right place!

Because this time, we have tried to explore the possibility of dating TWO GUYS at the SAME TIME!

And here’s what you should keep in mind!

1.Introduce both your boyfriends separately to your parents as “Just Friends”.


This point has several advantages to it. What? Well, for beginners,

  • Your boyfriends will think you are serious towards them since you have introduced them to your parents and feel relaxed. You will actually fool them into thinking they are the final deal; sealed and packed!
  • Your parents will think you are not in a relationship, because seriously, let’s be real, how many of our parents have actually, willingly blessed the relationship we are in and hoped for our future marriage?  98.99% parents would be relieved if your boyfriend got transferred to a different country or got married to someone else right away! So, how many of us have actually, willingly taken our better-halves to meet our parents and introduced them? Righto! The answer is 1.01%.
  • You will not be at a risk of exposing the occurrence of (let’s name one of your boyfriends Ram and the other, Sam) either of your boyfriends because your parents don’t know that you have a boyfriend! They will assume it’s one of your many best friends(X, Y, Ram, Z). 

2. Keep two separate sim cards to manage two separate numbers to talk to your boyfriends.


This method is simple and effective! You can save yourself from a lot of over explanation, over thinking and it keeps your mind organised from the hassle two relationships are bound to bring.

3. Make a deal with your best friends not  open the secret to either of them.


Yes, we all have a group of really close friends. You can always rely on them through thick or thin(whichever is worse >.<). Yes, they might act as real idiots and try to expose you but they never will. Trust them on that. So, this point is one of the most crucial. Ask for their advice, lie to your parents saying you are going to your friend’s house and double-date, tell them to keep their mouth shut when required and tell them to lie when necessary! They are born professionals, trust me on that. And if they are not, they will always try to be and have your back. Just for you!

4. Never upload your oh-so-cute couple pictures on social media or WhatsApp.


Aha! This point is important, isn’t it? So, NEVER make this mistake! Ever! If you are caught, you will lose not one but both your boyfriends! There are people out to get you, everywhere! Keep an open eye and alert your senses for tags, uploads and DPs. They can ruin your oh-so-well thought out plan.

5. Keep an impression that you belong to a very conservative family.

eat your

This will keep away a lot of troubling questions.

Suppose you have a date with Sam on Thursday but Ram wants to hangout with you too.

YOU-No babe, i will not be able to go.

RAM-But why? :/

YOU- Because…..umm… Mom will not allow me.  She only allows me to go out once a week, not twice.

RAM- Damn, i wish your parents weren’t so strict! We would have hung out more. 😦

YOU- Yeah….i wish so too……..*evil smirk hiding behind an innocent nod*

6. Keep your WhatsApp last seen off, read receipts off, and always keep a ready excuse for your late replies.


You wouldn’t want a fight about why you have told Sam that you were sleepy but stayed online the entire night while putting him to sleep, now would you? Or why you read his message and did not reply back immediately? Keep a stack of excuses on your shelf of imagination and work wonders with your creativity! Use lies and excuses as if it were your whip! Boys are dumb when it comes to realizing the truth sometimes. They will believe whom they love, dearly. Now, go and use that opportunity! Hell yeah! B)

7. If you had hugged Ram and Sam gets the smell of his cologne on you, say:


  • I had hugged my brother (in case you have a brother)

  • I had hugged my father.

  • I wear men’s cologne sometimes.

8. Always keep on mentioning what a busy schedule you have(even if you don’t!)


This is a good trick if you wish to get some alone time for yourself; away from both of your boyfriends. You will need space, i assure you, after a tiring week of double dating! So keep on ranting about your tough schedule. Tell them how you have to finish your office work or give them some lame excuse. Once you get the time, SLEEP. It will rejuvenate you to keep up with your 2*love-life!

9. The act of double-dating makes you intelligent.


It’s true. This actually helps in increasing the size of your cerebral cortex. Just think, one relationship makes you think for your boyfriend to such an extent that you don’t even give yourself. You have to remember his each and every detail; his every sorrow, his every t-shirt colour, the names of all his friends…etc,etc.

And, now, since you are double-dating, you have to think twice as much! Cheers to a more intelligent you!

10. Don’t scream out Ram while you are doing Sam.


This is a common mistake most double-daters do. Be alert and cautious. 🙂

That’s it, folks!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Be sure to keep all the points in mind while double dating.

Lastly, be happy. 🙂

I wrote this post in collaboration with Afsha Iqbal, a dear friend of mine. :*

If you are wondering whether we have double-dated or not, let’s keep it to your imagination, shall we?



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