Hello there insomniacs!

What torments you?

Why do you still remain awake?

What wanders around the corners of your deep twisted mind?

Why is it …….that you can’t sleep?

That each thought keeps you awake?

I hope there’s a reason because I’d hate to be disappointed so. Now don’t go on to say you are perfectly fine and shoo me away from excavating your mind…..or better still, make you excavate your own mind.

Tell me to which category you fall into.



A)The narcissistic insomniacs

Now, these people love laying awake in bed. Why? They like thinking about humanity, the world and their life in general. They are the shallow thinkers. They never delve into deep dark thoughts but remain satisfied with the generic everyday things they see everyday. These people never fall into the insomniac category and usually fall asleep within half an hour. They’d like to think they are deep thinkers but they never are.

These people are the happiest. More narcissistic. More successful in life and confident. They may range from being intellectually bright (in academics) to total dimwits. But happily speaking, they fall under the happy category.

B)The Crying Joker=

Have you ever seen that perfectly normal person sitting and joking around? They talk loud and laugh louder. But when left alone, becomes abnormally quiet? After days of socialising, they suddenly try to keep away. The same person, who, during the long pauses of a conversation, starts looking into space and their expression changes?They have their mood swings and are never really secure about themselves? They believe, though secretly,”……the worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone”.

You will never find them talking about love, the world, humanity, relationships. No. To them, these are the topics for depression. They think too much to not take these subjects of discussion lightly. They think of the consequences. Let the world laugh and not know what tragedy is. They don’t want others to feel the same as they do. The look of other’s happiness is the only reason that keeps them alive. So they create a fake identity to stay awake to reality.

These people, at night, reveal themselves. They think. Think deep. Think long. Think about everything. Of love. Of sadness. Of how they are worthless. Of how to do better. Of how never to break people. Of how to make people happy.

Call them selfless or whatever but I call them the crying jokers. Why? Well. They sacrifice their happiness, plays the fool, just to see others happy.

I fall under this category.

C)The Worriers=

They are the neurotic perfectionists. They stay awake, mostly ranging from half to an hour, thinking over plans and routines and schedules in their mind. They are the busy people and, most of the time, successful. A slight delay or scratch in their well done routine makes them worry so they keep on creating it in their minds till they are satisfied.

These people may also fuss about the little failures they have undergone during the day. For instance, how an employee had forgotten to sign a file and that it has to be done the very next day. ( Even though the file is of no importance!)

However, if such people are procrastinators, their level of depression heightens. They worry most of the time, sleep in depression, never get their job done and also watch failure.

The worst kind of people, I’d say. And truthfully speaking, i fall under this category too.

D) The In-love=

Ah. The sighing against a pillow with not the least interest to fall asleep so that they can imagine every possible scenario, circumstance and occasion with their crushes or loved ones. (Even though they are just stories built up in their minds). They try to sleep but I suppose the adrenaline surge keeps them awake.

But, well, you can’t accuse them, we’ve all been there, done that!


Now then, since I’ve named a few categories, read them, will you? Categorize yourself after reading. And try to sleep. You’ve had a long day and tomorrow is a new one. 🙂





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